Sunday, April 5, 2009

The purpose of Daffodils

Yesterday, I was shopping in a big mall. I came across a booth selling daffodils to raise funds for Canadian Cancer Society. So, I went over there and asked the girl for the price of daffodils. She told me 1 bunch for $7, 2 bunches for $10, and 4 bunches for $20. This is perfectly fine except her next sentence made me kind of upset/disappointed. She said that if I only want to buy 1 bunch, she can give it to me for $5.

The whole purpose of selling daffodils is to donate money in support of the fight against cancer. This is not a flower shop where people bargain for the price of flowers. If people want flowers, they would go to a flower shop. People standing in front of this booth are here to support Canadian Cancer Society. This is the most important thing!!! Flowers come second or last.

I had to admit that it was the daffodils which first attracted me to the booth. However, I was there because I wanted to support Canadian Cancer Society. So, I put down $7 for a bunch of daffodils. The girl kind of looked surprise at me. She probably thought I would only put down $5.

I understand that people selling daffodils are all volunteers, but they represent Canadian Cancer Society. They should be asking people to donate more, not less. When we buy/sell daffodils, we should think about the fight against cancer, not about the flowers.

Anyway, if you see someone selling daffodils, please buy a bunch to support Canadian Cancer Society!

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