Monday, April 30, 2007

My handsome son!

My son just took an expensive bath ($85).
You don't know that I have a son?? Well... That's because my car is my son!

The inside of my car was very dirty, because I haven't washed him for at least 2 years.
Now, he is very clean and handsome too!
Even I am afraid to sit in it since he is so clean.
Next time when people ask me for a ride, I'll need to check their shoes first... If shoes are dirty, I'll just give each of them a TTC token... hahahaha...

Well... I still have to take him to garage later for external wax polish... but it's the inside that matters... He has inside beauty! Hee hee...

My son also changes clothes too. He now has summer clothes (tires )!

Cool Commercials

Smirnoff has a cool 3D commercial. I don't know when it was aired but it's fun to watch!
It has many 3D model landmarks. I only recognize the Effiel Tower (Paris), Mt. Hollywood (L.A.), and Brooklyn Bridge (New York).

Talk Talk Phone Company has some nice commercials too.
I found two commercials in youtube. Both commercials were shot from an high angle and used people to form different pics.

AkBank (Turkish bank?) has a people commercial too. It must be hard to co-ordinate so many people. Or is it done by computer graphics??

Nike Italy Commercial - Soccer Players Vs. The Devil
This looks kind of like 周星馳's 少林足球 (Stephen Chow's Shaoline Soccer)!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


It seems that time always goes faster on Sunday. In the blink of an eye, it's already night time and I'll need to go to work tomorrow. I never have time to do all the things that I planned to do. Why??

You can argue that if I wake up early in the morning, then I have more time to do things. But it's SUNDAY! It's WEEKEND!!! I already have to wake up early on weekdays. Weekend is the only time that I can sleep-in! Nobody can take that away from me!!

Oh well... Here is what I did today...
Woke up... Went to Church... Ate lunch with friends... Re-permed my hair at hair salon (My hair was not curly enough, so I went to hair salon to fix that.)... Walked around in Chinese mall for a while to get DVDs and cookies... Went home for dinner... Washed dishes...

Soooo... I have to clean my bathroom at night... I don't like to do house work at night... but when can I find time?? Oh well... I guess I just have to keep cleaning... Soooo depressing!! Smiley courtesy of

5th Elementt

Wen and I went to 5th Elementt for dinner tonight (Saturday night).
5th Elementt had the 2 for 1 four course dinner special ($45.99), so we decided to try it out. Smiley courtesy of

I had...
1) Leeks & Tomato Consumme
-> This soup was ok... Typical tomato soup...

2) Grilled Scallops & Shrimps - Grilled scallops & buttered white wine marinated shrimp served with spring shoots & chipoltle mayo
-> 2 big scallops... they were grilled with black pepper and curry... very good!
-> 2 shrimps... I couldn't taste the white wine... I just thought they were salted shrimps...

3) Lobster Vandaloo - Steamed lobster vandaloo served with vandaloo soacked biscuit and asparagus
-> The lobster tail was very good!
-> Beneath the lobster tail was like mashed potato with lobster sauce, which had a little curry taste to it. Well, eating soacked biscuit with lobster sauce was like eating a thick sauce. I think this dish would be better if the lobster comes with pasta or rice.
-> This was the second dish with curry. Two dishes with curry were a bit too much. I thought I was in an Indian restaurant!!
-> The food portion was good enough for me. However, it might not be enough for guys...

4) Raspberry, Lychee Chocolate Mousse
-> It's good... not too sweet...

$23 for a 4 course meal was a good deal.
For food, I would give it 3.5 stars. I would rate the food higher if curry was used in only one dish.
Services varied depending on the waiter. The main waiter serving us was very good. However, there was another waiter that kept forgetting to bring me hot water. I finally had to ask the main waiter again to get my water.

Overall rating: 3.5 stars
I would recommend this restaurant to other people!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cantonese Pronunciation


I am sure that most people (like me ) know this poem inside out.
This poem was written by 曹植 in 三國時代.

I pronounce "" as , but in some TVB series, actors pronounce "" as . I've always wonder whether actors are pronouncing that word wrong. However, I read in the news today that:
It seems pronouncing "萁" as 其 is correct.
What if that professor is incorrect? What if I am correct?
The HK government should create a web site that tells us what is the correct pronunciation of every chinese word!! Hee hee...

How long do we have to wait before summer comes?

There is a site that tells you when summer will come.
Summer Meter

Today, we have:
  • 86.97% of non-summer period accomplished!
  • 61.32% of Spring completed!
  • 5.08 weeks or 35.56 days or 853.53 hours or 51211 minutes until summer.
Can't wait till summer comes!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Want One of Those

I like cute & interesting stuffs.
I usually don't buy them, but I like to look at them in stores.
Since Canadians are generally very practical... and boring... It is hard to find a store that sells interesting stuffs... (ok ok... I guess I shouldn't say that since I am a Canadian too...)
So... I surf the web for interesting stuffs...
Today, I found a site called "I Want One of Those". This site has lots of interesting products...
I wish there are stores like this in Canada.

Message Egg

Pop the can open, add water and within a matter of hours the egg will begin to crack as a bean plant begins to grow. This is pretty cool in itself, but not only will a bean plant grow out of the egg, the bean will have a message on it!
(price: Cdn $11)

Mood Beams

The cute little aliens' light will turn on by squishing their heads. They have a series of different light modes. There is a 'Beat Mode' that activates a sound sensor in the Mood Beam, and makes his light flash on and off to noise.
(price: Cdn $22)

Ouch Toothpick Holders
This seems to be in the same series as Dead Fred Pen Holder. This is great for pineapple, sausage, or cheese sticks. It's painfully funny too! Smiley courtesy of
(price: Cdn $16)

Ice Sculpture

When you invite family/friends over for dinner, have you ever wanted to have ice sculpture decorations?
With the ice sculpture mold, you can decorate your dishes with swan ice sculptures anytime.
(price: Cdn $29)

Ice Candle
This is an interesting candle holder!
You simply fill the base mould with water and pop it in the freezer overnight where it will transform into a perfect ice cylinder for tea light. Then, you'll have a moody light that over the next three hours will slowly melt (handily back into the base mould for re-freezing) creating drippingly cool glacial lighting effects.
(price: Cdn $56)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Buick Riviera

GM unveiled its futuristic Buick Riviera Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show this past week.

This is the first time that I think a GM car looks nice & cool!
I especially like the door... It has the same type of door as the car in Back to the Future.
I wonder how much this car costs...
May be it's time for me to get a new car... hahahahaha....


Monday, April 23, 2007

New Haircut

I got a haircut yesterday. Since I had been having similar hair style for the last couple of years, I decided that it's time to change! The only requirement that I gave to my hair stylist was long hair. I don't like short hair!

Connie has been my hair stylist for almost two years, so I know that she is not going to do anything radical or weird. After spending 3 hours in the hair salon, my hair looks very different. The back of my hair is permed and curly (large curls). I use to have no hair bangs. Now, my hair bangs reach the top of my eyes.

I like my new look! Smiley courtesy of
My co-workers like my new look too!

In order for my hair to stay curly longer, I was told not to wash my hair for 2 days. But I forgot to ask whether the 2 days include Sunday or not. If the 2 days do not include Sunday, that means I can't wash my hair until Wed! Smiley courtesy of Since I did an hour of gym today, I hope my hair is not going to smell tomorrow... hahahahaha...

HAL-5 Exoskeleton

Want to be like Noa Izumi in Patlabor? Want to be like Robocop?

Yoshiyuki Sankai, a professor at the graduate school of the University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, has developed a cyborg-type robot suit. If a wearer wants to move a limb, its motor, reading signals from the brain, will go into action, and the hands and legs will move together with the suit. Its special feature is that the suit's hands and legs do not move on their own, but the person can move them at will.

This robot suit, HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb), is originally developed to help elderly or disabled people walk around with their own legs. It can expand and improve physical capabilities of human being too. By wearing HAL-5, you can hold up to 40 kg load by arms and can increase the maximum weight of leg press from 100 kg to 180 kg.

Starting in 2008, 400 to 500 suits will be produced annually. For an individual, the suit will be leased for 70,000 yen (approx. Cdn $664) a month plus a maintenance fee.

This HAL-5 is really cool!
For people who have to carry heavy stuff at work, this suit will definitely help them... no more back pains!
Since this suit can be used to climb mountains, tourists can use this to climb up the Rocky Mountains... may be Mt. Everest too!!

Cybernics Laboratory
HAL-5 Exoskeleton To Carry Mountain Climber

Hospital?? Restaurant??

On my way to work, I heard in the radio that there is a new restaurant with hospital theme. Weird theme!! Who would want to eat in a hospital??
But this is an interesting theme... nice gimmick to advertise the restaurant... so, I decide to do some searches on the internet.

The hospital theme restaurant, called "DS Music Restaurant", is located in Taiwan.
Address: 7 Xinsheng N Rd Sec 3, Zhongshan Dist, Taipei (台北市中山區新生北路三段7號)

DS looks like other restaurant-and-bars, except that many of the tables look like hospital beds. There are a few wheelchairs and crutches sitting around. Backlit X-rays decorate some walls. Furthermore, each table hangs a big "IV drip" holding drinks (such as beers).

The waiters and waitresses are all in doctor and nurse costumes.

DS is basically a family restaurant except on Saturday night, where the restaurant offers adult-only "showgirl" performance.

If I go to Taipei in the future, I might want to try out this restaurant!

The Secret of the Magic 8-Ball

I am sure that all of you have played the Magic 8-Ball before, but do you know the secret behind it?

Take a look at Behold: The Secret of the Magic 8-Ball's Powers (Gizmodo)!

Totally Funky

I found an interesting UK site called Totally Funky that sells some weird stuffs.

First of all... It sells Control-A-Woman Remote and Control-A-Man Remote. (Price: £5.99 each)

Control-A-Man Remote is a remote control to make him do what you want! Control buttons include Tell Truth, Listen, Propose, Stop Snoring and Talk About Feelings.

Control-A-Woman Remote is a remote control to make her do what you want! Control buttons include Calm Down, Hurry Up, Stop Nagging and Give Me Beer.

Both remotes does not require batteries. They are powered by positive thinking. Also, their operating instructions are:
1. Point remote at subject
2. Push any button
3. Hope for the best

I think those remotes will be world's best sellers if they do work. All wifes and girlfriends will buy a Control-A-Man Remote. All husbands and boyfriends will buy a Control-A-Woman Remote. Hahahahahaha...
Unfortunately, since the remote does not require batteries, I think this might just be a piece of useless plastic. Not even a sound will come out from remote saying the commands (such as Stop Snoring, Listen, etc)

Second of all.... The site has a product called Nothing (Price: £4.99). The instructions for this product is:
1. open the pack
2. experience nothing
This is a nice gift idea!
I can give my friend an empty box and say this is a gift of Nothing. hee hee... I can save a lot of money each year...

The third product is kind of scary. Smiley courtesy of It is the Hanging Harry Light Pull (Price: £7.99)...

Hanging Harry bathroom light pull made from silicone rubber. You can't help Harry to see the light, it's too late. Harry is already dead! But Harry can help you to switch on your lights.

Imagine you go to bathroom in the middle of the night... and you see a dead Harry hanging there...
I definitely don't want this in my bathroom!

The last product is more normal... and cute too... Robocup (Price: £5.99) is a little plastic eggcup with spoon.

This little alien does spice up the enjoyment of eating boiled eggs!