Sunday, April 22, 2007

War @ Work

Getting bored at work?
You have someone that you don't like sitting in the next cubicle??
Want to start a war at work???
Well... You'll need some weapons...

How about an USB Rocket Launcher or an USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher?
Both of them connect to Windows machine via USB.

Or if you prefer the ancient way of fighting... How about the Metal Desk Catapult?

USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher

There is a built-in laser missile aiming system that will allow you to aim and fire the weapons with close to pinpoint accuracy!

USB Rocket Launcher

This USB Rocket Launcher can fire over six meters, giving you coverage for over 113 square meters of your workspace.

Metal Desk Catapult

For those of you who like the ancient ways, you can load candies (or other things) onto this Catapult and let them fly.

However, please be cautious in using these weapons! You might get "fired" back if you use them on your boss... hahahahahaha....

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