Sunday, April 29, 2007

5th Elementt

Wen and I went to 5th Elementt for dinner tonight (Saturday night).
5th Elementt had the 2 for 1 four course dinner special ($45.99), so we decided to try it out. Smiley courtesy of

I had...
1) Leeks & Tomato Consumme
-> This soup was ok... Typical tomato soup...

2) Grilled Scallops & Shrimps - Grilled scallops & buttered white wine marinated shrimp served with spring shoots & chipoltle mayo
-> 2 big scallops... they were grilled with black pepper and curry... very good!
-> 2 shrimps... I couldn't taste the white wine... I just thought they were salted shrimps...

3) Lobster Vandaloo - Steamed lobster vandaloo served with vandaloo soacked biscuit and asparagus
-> The lobster tail was very good!
-> Beneath the lobster tail was like mashed potato with lobster sauce, which had a little curry taste to it. Well, eating soacked biscuit with lobster sauce was like eating a thick sauce. I think this dish would be better if the lobster comes with pasta or rice.
-> This was the second dish with curry. Two dishes with curry were a bit too much. I thought I was in an Indian restaurant!!
-> The food portion was good enough for me. However, it might not be enough for guys...

4) Raspberry, Lychee Chocolate Mousse
-> It's good... not too sweet...

$23 for a 4 course meal was a good deal.
For food, I would give it 3.5 stars. I would rate the food higher if curry was used in only one dish.
Services varied depending on the waiter. The main waiter serving us was very good. However, there was another waiter that kept forgetting to bring me hot water. I finally had to ask the main waiter again to get my water.

Overall rating: 3.5 stars
I would recommend this restaurant to other people!

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