Friday, March 31, 2006

Coughing.... my worst nightmare....

I started to cough yesterday.....

Today, my coughing is getting worse..... On top of that, I have sore throat too....

Why coughing? I have such a hard time getting rid of it.... It's my worst nightmare.... Once I start coughing, I can't make it stop.... :(

This year is definitely not a good year for me. It's only March, and I've been sick twice already. :(

Please pray for my heath!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sick again...

I have a sore throat and headache.....
It seems like yesterday that I get rid of my prolonged coughing....
Now... I am sick again..... :(

Monday, March 27, 2006

Bat + Panda = Ada

I have a new nick name "Batda"... What does it mean? It's "Bat + Panda"... hahahaha... I am a bat since I like to sleep late and wake up late... I became a Panda because I couldn't sleep on Friday's night...

I am normally a "Lan Fan Chu" (sleepy pig)... Don't have any problem sleeping and don't want to wake up in the morning... but once in a while... I will have problem sleeping and keep waking up at night... :( I don't know why...
I already try not to think about anything before I sleep... What's keeping me awake?? Is it because of MSG?? Is there something bothering me subconsciously??

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Greek Pastry Tour

Yesterday afternoon, Candy and I went downtown to the Danforth Ave. area for Greek pastries. Candy had organized a couple of walking tours in the past, but this was my first time joining her... :D I was very excited!!

After getting off at Broadview subway station, we walked along Danforth Ave. to a little chocolate store called "Simryn". Simryn offers a variety of home- made chocolate truffles.

Simryn Chocolates
147A Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON
416 778-7978

Since I like chocolate with alIcohol, I brought a BRANDY chocolate. Candy brought 2 chocolates and one of them is blueberry.

The chocolate is good but not enough brandy taste.

Then, we walked along Danforth to another store: Dash Kitchen

Dash Kitchen
236 Danforth Ave.

Dash Kitchen sells different kinds of jams and kitchen sauces. It also sells a lot of ready made take-out food (e.g. salads, roasted chicken, salmon, sandwiches, etc). Everything looks delicious.

I had a taste of the fruit salad. It was very good... yummy yummy... ;) It contains pineapples, oranges, raisins, Green Split Peas, and apple.

Then, we walked by a store selling different crystals and stones. I brought a pair of earrings and a turtle pendant (made with a clear stone... forgot the name of it... :P )

After that, we went to a famous Greek pastry store: Athens Pastries

Athens Pastries
509 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON

Athens Pastries has a small selection of high-quality Greek pastries:
1) flaky philo pastry stuffed with a thin layer of custard (bougatsa)
2) flaky philo pastry stuffed with a thin layer of minced meat (bourekakia?)
3) flaky philo pastry stuffed with a thin layer of Spinach and Feta Cheese (Spanakopita)
4) flaky philo pastry stuffed with a thin layer of Feta and Cottage Cheese
5) honey drenched little balls of fried dough (loukoumades)
6) thick slices of custard sandwiched between thin layers of philo pastry (galakto bouriko)

Between the two of us, we brought #1, #3, #4, and #5. The philo pastries were extremely good... crispy and fresh...

Since the pastries were flaky, it was hard for us not to make a mess... hahahahaha :P I was stuffed after eating two honey balls and the cheese philo pastry (#4). I was very amazed that Candy can finish the rest.

We kept walking west along Danforth Ave. and went into any stores that looked interesting. :) One of such stores is Avec Plaisir (Fine Lingerie)... ;)

Then, we hopped on the subway and went to Greg's Ice-cream at St George and Bloor. This store offers many flavours of homemade ice-creams.

Greg's Ice Cream
200 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON

I tried the blueberry ice-cream and the famous Roasted marshmallow ice-cream. The blueberry ice-cream is good. The Roasted marshmallow ice-cream is very unusual. However, it tasted more like burned marshmallow instead of roasted marshmallow. :P

After having a big ice-cream cup, we needed to do some exercises, so we walked around the Yorkville area. We walked pass a Ferrari dealership and saw a nice red sport car... I wish I can buy one... hahahahaha....

At night, we went to M0d0 restaurant for a light dinner. The restaurant is very beautiful... The lounge area has 2 bronze-like statues on each side with a big screen in the middle showing black & white movies.... We sat at the bar table in the lounge area.

After the light dinner, we went to Pangaea restaurant for desserts.

Pangaea restaurant
1221 Bay Street
Toronto, ON

This restaurant has a totally different feel than the Mudu restaurant... It has a pale colour but bright and lively environment.... high ceiling... big pot of flower in the middle....

For dessert, I had their famous Banana Coconut Cream Tart and a cappuccino... Banana coconut cream in sweet pastry with coconut sherbet, mango puree, and caramelized bananas... very delicious... I noticed that there is no chocolate between the pastry and the cream to prevent moisture from getting into the pastry. Candy told me that since all desserts are freshly made, there is no need for chocolate. ;)

Candy had the Winter Citrus Tart... Blood oranges with passionfruit in sweet pastry with frozen vanilla-crtrus "shooter" and candied fruit... looks very beautiful...

This was a fun tour!! I wish I can do this more often... but tasty food always have high calories... I need to do more exercise to burn all fat before I can go again... hee hee.... :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Lord of the Rings

After work (March 22), I went with Anna to see the world premiere of "The Lord of the Rings" production at Princess of Wales Theatre. We brought $50 discount tickets (originial price is $120) and were sitting in the left side of the Orchestra level. :D The show started at 7pm and ended around 10:50pm with 2 intermission in between.

Overall, the show is great. I would give 4.5 out of 5 stars to this show. :) It has so many stage effects that I can not count. The lighting effect is excellent. The circular stage is like a puzzle and each puzzle piece can rise up to different levels to represent hills, castles, tunnels, etc.

Some of the scenes are execellent:

- The scene where Gandalf fights against a creature (dragon?) and dies... Originally, I think we will see Gandalf pretending to fight and dies and that's it. However, we do see the dragon. Combining sound effect, red lighting effect, and wind effect, the dragon seems very real.

- The scene where the Fellowship climbs blind-folded on a ladder going to the Elvish haven of Lothlorien (to see the Lady of Golden Wood). It really does look like the Fellowship is climbing up very high to the top of the trees.

- The scene where Frodo and Sam fight against a big sprider... The sprider is controlled by a couple of people (in black). The movements of the sprider are very real.

- Smeagol is amazing. His movements are exactly like the Smeagol in movies.

- There are many more great scenes...

If the show is so great, why don't I give 5 stars? Well... First of all, the songs are ok but not great. Many of the songs are similar. There is no one song that I really like. I guess I can't ask for too much since this show is a movie adaptation and not a musical.

Secondly, the main actors are not handsome and the main actresses are not pretty. Legolas (the archery guy) is handsome in the movies. However, this Legolas is only ok looking. Arwen (Aragorn's lover) is very pretty in the movies. However, this Arwen is a fat version. Aragon looks ok because his face is covered with beard.

Lastly, there are some boring scenes in the show (e.g. Galadriel singing about the mystical beauty of Lothlorien). I guess this is ok since this show has to follow the movies.

This show is a big production. In some scenes (e.g. singing in the Prancing Pony Inn), there are at least 40-50 people dancing together. I've never seen a production with so many performers.

Since I've watched the 3 Lord of the Rings movies a long time ago, I don't remember all the details, so I cannot do a story comparison between the movies and this show.

In Conclusion, this show definitely worths $60 ($50 + tax + service charge)... ;)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What's wrong with HK?

Since I had to use up my vacation from last year, I took a day off yesterday. May be I had a long weekend... that's why I don't feel like working today... vacation is so short... :(

What wrong with HK? HK news is like TV soap opera....

Previously, there was the 九鐵 show (九鐵主席田北辰 vs 署理行政總裁黎文熹)... in the end, 田北辰 won... 黎文熹下台...

Now, there is the 「警殺警」 show.... one cop trying to kill 2 other cops to get their guns & bullets.... This is like a detective show... so many unknown... so mysterious.... For example... 步高是否真正殺死梁成恩的兇手﹖徐步高搶奪警員佩槍背後的真正動機,又是什麼﹖

In real life, a cop can really be a monster... Can you really trust a cop???

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cell Group Gathering

Today at church.... a couple of people told me that I look skinnier ar.... so happy ar.... :D

Today is also our cell group gathering day... We watch a movie together... the name of the movie is "天地孩兒 "...

每個胎兒形成的過程絕對是一個偉大的神蹟! 從胎兒形成到離開塵世,人若知道生命的真相及目的,就不會枉過此生。 作為新生兒科權威的余卓曦醫生,曾經作出一個極度艱難的決定。 作為一個深愛妻子的丈夫,他竟無能為力。但多年來,上帝的恩典透過余醫生夫婦(劉松仁, 商天娥) 的經歷祝福更多幼小的生命。二十多年後,上帝竟差遣一位很特別的天使(陳鍵鋒)來到他們當中。 Thomas 是余醫生二十多年前在生死邊緣救活的早產嬰孩,長大後卻是一位失聰的新生兒科醫生,但他卻不明白自己的生存目的! 龍哥(狄龍)過的是刀邊口的日子,外表兇悍,內心所充滿的卻是恐懼,罪咎感控制著他的人生,但他很愛錫妻兒。他所見到的一切讓他明白,什麼才是真正愛的力量。

This is a very touching movie...

God never promises that terrible things won't happen to us, but He helps us to face and overcome those terrible things...God makes bad things to become good things... Because of our past experiences (good or bad), we can use our lives to affect other people's lives....

Hello Kitty Bedding Set

I went to One's Better Living today (March 18) hoping to buy a bedding set (quilt cover, fitted sheet, and pillow cases). I found a style that I really like.... Unfortunately, it's sold out for double bed size.... I was very upset... but there is nothing I can do.....

Then, I went to another bedding store.... A-Fortane Bedding 雅芳婷.... and saw a yellow hello kitty bedding set.... I like it.... the colour matches my room.... but it's hello kitty.... looks kind of childish for an adult bedroom....

After a long debate, I decided to buy that hello kitty set.... I guess I am still a kid inside... hahahahahaha..... ;)

V for Vendetta

I watched the movie "V for Vendetta" tonight (March 18). Overall, it is a good movie. It is an action movie that makes you think.

This movie is about a terrorist freedom fighter known as "V" (Hugo Weaving) and a young woman named Evey (Natalie Portman) in the futuristic totalitarian Britain.
V is the survivor of a concentration camp for bio-weapon testing. Even though he survived, his whole body was burned and he doesn't even have a face. So, he wears a mask trying to revenge on all people who did this to him. He also wants to urge other people to stand up against the government's dictatorship.
V saves Evey from some corrupted policemen trying to rape her. In the beginning, she is just a scary woman. As she begins to understand V's cause, she becomes an ally. In the end, she becomes a hero herself.

As with other action movies, some parts of the plot doesn't make sense. For example, how can V sees things when he doesn't have a face?
However, the movie does bring out some good messages:
- We should not let fear rules over us. We should fight for freedom and stand up against dictatorship.
- Even if a person dies, his ideas will not die.
- One can make a difference. V brings hope back to the people.

Coffee is sick

I just read Mark's blog.... His dog Coffee is sick... :(
I hope Coffee will get better soon.... It is a very cute dog.... I'll pray for its health...
Since the medical fee is very expensive.... I'll pray for Mark too.....

Friday, March 17, 2006


I feel very tired this week...
Last night... I was doing eye mask and felt asleep... When I wake up, it was already morning... I was lucky that this eye mask is not the creamy type... Otherwise, my pillow will be a mess...
I don't know why I feel so tired... I can normally play 1 hour of squash and 30 minutes of elliptical machine at night.... but last night, I only play 1 hour of squash and 20 minutes of elliptical machine...
May be I just need a good, long sleep on the weekend.... ;)

Monday, March 13, 2006


I feel kind of depressed recently.... don't know why..... may be I don't have a target in life... I want to accomplish something (not work related).... but don't know what I want to do.... :(

Eye Re-Exam

After work, I went to see Dr. Walji (my optometrist) again for eye re-exam.
Basically, my left eye is not as stressed as before... :D
but he said I should put eye drops (contact conditioning solution) in both eyes every 2 hours...
Since I am a "big head shrimp", I most likely will forget... Is there any alarm clock or watch or cell phone that will sound every 2 hours to remind me?? hahahahahaha....

We'll be able to see a "penumbral" lunar eclipse tomorrow night if weather permits!! Hopefully... the weather will be good tomorrow....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crazy HK-style Snacks Day

This afternoon, I went to Market Village & Pacific Mall and ate lots of HK-style snacks. In approx. four hours, I ate five snacks + drinks... wahahahahaha..... First, I went to Food Jungle (inside Pacific Mall) to buy spicy curry fish balls... $1.5 for 5 pcs.... very tasty..... Then, I went to 桂花堂 (inside Market Village) to buy "tong but let"... They were very chewy.... hahahahahaha.... After that.... I walked pass 東東蛋卷皇 and was thinking of buying "kai dan chai"... but I had that last time... so I decided to pass and keep walking.... Then, I stopped at 香港人和荳制品專賣店 to have "dull cheung" and taro "dull full fa"..... hahahahahaha.... The "dull full fa" was very good.... soft and full of soybeans taste.... yummy yummy.... Well... Time flies.... It was around 6:30pm... I was a bit tired and needed some caffeine... So, I went to 茶亭 to buy a cup of HK-style tea (HK-style tea is one of my favourite drinks!!).... as usual... I ordered it with less sugar.... That tea gave me an energy boost.... hee hee.... so I could shop for another 1/2 hour.... hahahahaha..... Before I left, I brought two "lor might chi" at 溫莎餅屋 for tonight's dessert.... one taro favour and one mango favour.... hahahahaha.... :D

P.S. I'll have to do a lot of exercises tonight to burn calories... :(

IQ博士 (80'TV復刻版)

Last night, I watched a couple of IQ博士 eposides. Even though IQ博士 eposides were released in the eighties, I didn't have the out-of-date feelings. The eposides were still very funny!!

IQ博士 used to be my favourite cartoon show when I was a kid. At that time, I even had a 小雲 and 小吉 closet in my room. ;-)

Eposide 36 was one of the funniest eposides. Inside that eposide, 小雲 and 小吉 were playing boxing in the house. This made 博士 very angry. In order to cheer him up, 小雲 gave 博士 a very large soft ice-cream cone. 博士 ate that and asked 小雲 how to make that soft ice-cream cone, so 小雲 showed everyone how it was made...

- cream
- milk
- 小吉

1. Let 小吉 eat the cream.

2. Let 小吉 eat the milk.
3. Put 小吉 in freezer until 小吉 is completely frozen.

4. Let the ice-cream out and put on top of a large cone.

5. Done!! :P

Would you like a large soft ice-cream cone?? :D

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


我最近在看一本書叫"享受工作的10個態度" (作者:杰克斯)。 因為比較忙... 所以閱讀的進道比較慢... 我希望能每曰讀一個chapter,之後在這裏分享...

態度1 : 找出你承擔這個職位的意義
態度2 : 你的成就感不是別人給的
態度3 : 擁抱任何一個改變的機會
態度4 : 呵護你的夢想
態度5 : 別讓外在的紛擾影響你內心的平靜
態度6 : 增強和難搞的人起工作的能力
態度7 : 一次邁一步
態度8 : 確實認清自己的限度
態度9 : 別搞辦公室小圈圈
態度10: 心裡要有一首歌

Monday, March 6, 2006

劉德華 news

拍《人魚朵朵》賺錢劉德華笑騎騎 否認被斟拍《三國誌》

3月 5日 星期日








Sunday, March 5, 2006

"The Application Form"

I've finally picked up "The Application Form" today after worship... I have made a promise to God and I have to keep it...
The deadline is April 14...
Suddenly... a pen becomes very heavy... :P

Toronto Raptors beated Boston Celtics

I went down to Air Canada Centre to watch Toronto Raptors playing against Boston Celtics. This was my first time watching a live basketball game. It was fun!! :-D The atmosphere was great!!

Watching a basketball game live is a lot more exciting than watching a basketball game on TV... I think Raptors should pay me for being there... Because I was there, Raptors won!! hahahahahaha.... ;-)

Raptors ended their six-game losing streak with a 111-105 win over Celtics. Morris Peterson (#24) scored 27 points and Chris Bosh (#4) contributed 24 and 10 rebounds.

Go Raptors! Go Raptors!! Go Raptors!!!

The Raptor (mascot) was very cute and funny. It did a lot of tricks (e.g. walking up side down with its hands). Since tonight was an Oscar night, The Raptor's contributions to Oscar were shown during one of the timeout periods:

- Thelma & Louise... starring Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, and The Raptor... They drove the car off the cliff.

- Forrest Gump... starring Tom Hanks and The Raptor... The Raptor ran after Tom Hanks trying to catch up.

- Braveheart... starring Mel Gibson and The Raptor... The Raptor was one of the soldiers fighting along side with Mel Gibson.

- Titanic... starring Leonardo DiCaprio and The Raptor... Leonardo DiCaprio was in a room drawing a picture of The Raptor (instead of Kate Winslet).

I think the Titanic one is the best!! :D

Friday, March 3, 2006


I am very tired today. I have been in meetings all day.

Lately, I have been giving myself a lot of pressures... I want to have good performance at work... However, the more I want to have good performance... the more I feel like I am not doing as well as others... I just feel that my manager trusts them more than me... I know I shouldn't think this way... but I can't control my mind... I think I am just giving myself too much pressure... :(

Please pray for me... Please pray for my work...

Thursday, March 2, 2006



台上,司儀問華仔覺得香港國際電影節在未來最大的挑戰是甚麼﹖華仔表示本地影展漸普及化,但經常遇到經濟困難,正如政府今年撥款資助香港國際電影節,亦不足應付700至1000萬元經費,他都有參與幫助尋找贊助商,他說﹕「曼谷、釜山、東京等影展都有政府支持,我們的規模只是別人的六分一、十分一,希望香港政府不要縮減撥款,若連自己人也不支持,就等於媽咪唔錫我,隔籬屋點會覺得你矜貴。」 華仔更半開玩笑說﹕「業界好多影片參加其他國際電影節,得到獎,好似特別威水﹔個個都搭飛機去參加別人的影展,點解不搭車來參加本地影展﹖」

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Useful software

I found a site with some useful freewares related to password recovery and windows product key:

MessenPass - Recover the passwords of instant messenger programs: Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, etc.

Mail PassView - Recover the passwords of popular email clients: Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Eudora, etc.

Network Password Recovery - Freeware utility that recovers the network passwords stored by Windows XP.

ProduKey - Recover Office/Windows CD-Key

Life sucks!!

Purple highlight

This morning, I washed my hair for the first time after having the purple-red highlight. I was afraid that the purple colour would come out like last time, but it didn't. :) I didn't see any purple water when I washed my hair. :D

Last time... after I had my purple highlight done in a hair salon at First Markham Place... Water became purple when I washed my hair... Even when my hair was not wet, the purple colour came off... the colar of my clothes turned purple... When I used a tissue to wipe my hair, you could see some purple on that tissue... It was very scary!!

Ferrari 599 GTB

The Ferrari 599 GTB is first displayed worldwide at Geneva Motor Show. It has V12 engine and 620 hp. Nice car!!! :) This one will definitely enter my dream car list... hahahahahaha.... :D

This photo is taken today at the Geneva Motor Show.