Thursday, July 14, 2011

芒果奶酪 (Mango Milk Yogurt/Pudding)

I like the 芒果奶酪 from a Japanese All You Can Eat restaurant, so I've decided to make it myself.  There are different recipes on the internet.  After comparing different ones, I've decided to partially follow the one from Apa Kabar blog and added my own modifications.

So here is my modified version:

2% Milk - 2 cup
Half and half cream - 1  cup
Gelatin - 1 envelope (7 g)
Suger - 1.5 tablespoon
Mango - 2
Mango puree - 3/4 cup

1) Pour milk, sugar, and gelatin into a saucepan
2) Heat it over medium heat and stir constantly until you see smokes.  Then, turn off the heat. 
3) There could be come gelatin floating.  I use a spoon to make sure the gelatin is completely dissolved in the hot milk.
4) Add cream into the milk.  This will help to cool down the mixture.
5) Pour the mixture in small containers and store them in fridge overnight.

Next day
6) Cut the mango into small pieces.
7) Mix the mango with mango puree.
8) Put the mango mixture on top of the milk yogurt/pudding.

This recipe will yield 5-6 cups.

It's a success! :)
Wen likes it. He said this one is better than the restaurant one. :D

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