Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Naruto - 夏日星

Last night, I've watched some old Naruto eposides and came across the "夏日星" song again.
I love this song when I first watched the eposides.  This song is very touching.
The story is about a mother (Natsuhi) sacrifices herself for her son (Sumaru)...


夏日星 為什麼是紅色的
natsuhiboshi naze akai

yumekanasi yumeomita

哭著 閙著 紅撲撲的臉
naite harashiita akaimeyo

夏日星 為什麼迷茫
natsuhiboshi naze mayou

kietawarashio sagashiteru

夢見了 如此如此悲傷的夢
dakara kanashii yumeomiru

I've found a wonderful video from youtube.

There is an English version, but I don't think it's as good as the Japanese version.
The Japanese version is more about the son (Sumaru).   Mother sings a lullaby to her son who has a bad dream.
On the other hand, the English version is about the mother.  Mother is crying for losing her son and having sad dreams.

Natsuhiboshi (English version)
Natsuhiboshi, why are you so red?
Because I had a sad dream last night.
My eyes are red from the tears I shed.
Swollen as I cry.
Natsuhiboshi, why've you lost your way.
I'm searching for a child who's gone afar.
He can't be found though I search all day.
My sad dreams come once more.

Here is my english translation of the original Japanese version:

Summer Star

Summer Star, why are you red?
Had a very sad dream last night?
crying, shouting, red face

Summer Star, why are you puzzled?
Looking for the missing smile?
Dream such very very sad dream

Wen's Baptism

Wen got baptized on June 13, 2010.  :D

I've finally uploaded the photos of that day.
Go here to Picasa Web Album
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From Wen's Baptism

From Wen's Baptism