Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I've always thought that Japan has the best quality controls. That's why I am always willing to pay more money for "Made in Japan" products. China is well known for bad quality. I would not be surprised if this incident happens in China. But, I am very surprised that this happens in Japan. Well, I guess we are all human beings. There are bad people anywhere in the world!! :( "Made in Japan" products are not always good. :(

"Shiroi Koibito" (白の戀人) (White Beloved Ones) chocolate cookies, which is one of Hokkaido's best known local souvenirs, are being recalled by Ishiya Co. (石屋製果公司). Ishiya repackaged 4,328 boxes (56 chocolate cookies) produced in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the sale of its Shiroi Koibito (white lover) chocolates after they were returned by retailers, and shipped them again after extending their expiry dates by one month.

The company allegedly committed the acts at the instruction of a board member who was responsible for its manufacturing process. "We shouldn't have done it as a company. We deeply regret the incident," Ishiya President Isao Ishimizu told a news conference. The misconduct came to light in late June after a whistleblower believed to be an employee sent an e-mail to the firm's homepage revealing the scandal.

Ishiya also said Tuesday that staphylococcus aureus bacteria had been discovered in some of its Baumkuchen layered cake products. In addition, it said coliform bacteria had been found in some popsicles. Those bacteria could cause food poisoning.

The company is recalling all Baumkuchen products because it could not confirm whether they were all safe to eat.

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