Friday, August 31, 2007


The human genetic code amounts to a 3 billion letter DNA book, but only one-tenth of 1 percent of DNA differs from one person to the next.

DNA 11 art has become one of the best-selling products at New York's Museum of Modern Art store. A person's DNA profile is printed on to a colored canvas chosen at Price is starting from $414.00 CAD.

CSI:NY has even used a piece of DNA 11 art in a recent episode where a suspect was caught after her DNA portrait was matched to a crime without the need for a warrant. In reality, this won't happen, but it is cool to have unique DNA painting.

New York company DNA Art Forms,, aims to personalize DNA portraits further. Artist Catherine Dapra paints -- rather than prints -- a DNA profile based on conversations with clients. She also fuses two DNA profiles, highlighting similarities and differences between siblings, couples and friends. Her portraits start at $2,000 US.

Personally, I prefer the DNA 11 prints. ;)
May be I am just not too artistic... :P


Anonymous said... propose standard and customized artworks, and they offer the purified DNA as well.

Anonymous said...

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