Friday, August 24, 2007

World's tallest LEGO tower

Canadian should be proud! We've broke the World's tallest LEGO tower record in the Guinness Book of World Records!!

A new Lego tower has been built in Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) by specialized engineers from Denmark with the help of CNE visitors. The new tower is 29.03 metres high, which is slightly higher than the previous best of 28.58 metres reached by a tower in California earlier this year.

This new landmark will stand on the west side of the Food Building until the end of the CNE on Sept. 3. Then, the Lego will be taken apart and shipped back to Denmark.

In May 2008, a new Lego tower is set for construction in Oslo, Norway.

Well... at least we can enjoy this "World's tallest LEGO tower" title for 8 or 9 months! :(

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