Thursday, July 26, 2007

British Race Car made from plants

The British Race car "Eco One" was designed by Dr Kerry Kirwan, a researcher at Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), and built by student Ben Wood over two months at a cost of £20,000 (approx. Cdn $43,177).

This car has been built using plants:
- the tyres are made of potatoes
- the brake pads are from ground cashew shells.
- the body is created from hemp and rapeseed oil
- it runs on fuel made from fermented wheat and sugar beet

Eco One is 95% biodegradable or recyclable, although its steering-wheel, seat and electrics comprise conventional materials. All the plastic components are made from plants. The chassis has to be made from steel for strength, but steel is a very recyclable material.

Powered by the engine from a Triumph Daytona motor-cycle, Eco One is capable of 150mph and does 0-62mph in under four seconds.

It will be on display at the National Science Museum in London from August 28 to 30.

Daily Mail

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