Monday, July 16, 2007

Humanoid robot Wakamaru

Isn't this robot cute and adorable? I love its smile...
Can you imagine this robot being the office's receptionist?

Well... This 1-meter-tall yellow humanoid robot is called Wakamaru, developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Wakamaru can identify visitors, conduct a simple conversation and move by itself to take visitors along preset routes to rooms or other destinations while singing a song. Do you want one in your office?

A Japanese company, People Staff, is recruiting 10 of these Wakamaru receptionist robots to work at businesses and institutions in central Japan. The rental fee starts at Cdn $1,027 per day and costs about Cdn $25,667 for a year's service, which is about the same level of expenses necessary for a human worker.

It's kind of ironic. The company is called PEOPLE Staff, but it is employing ROBOT staffs.

The Japan Times

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