Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ramen Baths

The Yunessan spa in Japan's hot spring town of Hakone has been offering a lot of amazing baths, such as a wine bath, a coffee bath, a shake bath, curry bath, and green tea spa, etc. Wow!! Now, it also offers noodle baths!!

Because of health regulations, the spa does not use edible noodles. But, the bath water contains pork broth supplied by a nearby noodle shop. Spa officials say taking a dip in the noodle bath is good for health as ingredients in the broth such as pepper collagen help improve the bather's metabolism and cleanse the skin.

A ticket that allows access to all baths costs about 3,500 yen (approx. Cdn $30).

It would be nice to try... I wonder what it feels like inside the noodle bath... hee hee...

Why can't we have something similar in Canada or HK? Congee bath... Wonton noodle bath... Shark fin soup bath... Abalone bath... hahahahaha....

video: Reuters

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