Wednesday, July 25, 2007

World's smallest works of art

The following pin-head sized replica of the Lloyd's of London building has been sold for £94,000 (approx. Cdn $201,104) at auction. The model, an exact scale version of the architecturally renowned steel-and-glass structure that opened in 1986, took four months to create using white gold and platinum.

The tiny sculpture of the Lloyd's of London building

This amazing piece of work was created by micro-sculptor Willard Wigan. All of his art works are so small that must be viewed through a microscope.

The Statue of Liberty in the eye of a needle

The Thinker on a pinhead

Bart & Homer Simpsons on a pinhead

Can you imagine these art works are created by a person with learning disabilities?

"I’ve got learning difficulties. I can’t read or write. When you’re a kid and you have that problem, and I’m talking about 1962, the teachers were very ignorant, they didn’t understand. They’d always find a way of making you feel small in front of the whole class..."

"I decided to make this little estate for ants and then I started making furniture, see-saws, swings and little apparatus. From there, I got obsessed, thinking about all the other little things that needed things making. I thought there was little people living in the skirting board and that the tooth fairy needed something, and this miniature world was born. It was escapism for me. I escaped from the misery of the academic life."

Willard's misfortune actually leads him to his success in microscopic arts.
People with disabilities can be very successful!!
Next time you see a person with disabilities... Don't make him/her feel small!! ;-)

Interview of Willard Wigan
Willard Wigan site

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