Monday, July 9, 2007

Taste of Lawrence

I went to the "Taste of Lawrence Festival" last Sat.
It was located on Lawrence Ave. from East from Crockford Blvd to west of Warden Ave.
According to the news, it had a 60 meters long salad made with Ontario grown vegetables. That's basically the reason why I wanted to go and see. Unfortunately, that event was over when I went there in the afternoon.

The marketing of this event was done very poorly. The web site never mentioned anything about the salad event, which was supposed to be a big event. Other web sites (e.g. also didn't mention anything about the salad. The only information I found was a Toronto Star article, but that newspaper article didn't mention the time.

If the marketing was done better, I am sure that lots more people will attend this event. Almost all of the people I know weren't even aware of this event. Whoever organized this event should definitely improve their marketing next year!!

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