Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vote for the worst street in Ontario

CAA's annual "worst roads" campaign asks people to report the worst roads in Ontario by voting at http://www.worstroads.ca.

As of today, the top 20 worst roads are:
  1. Dufferin Street
  2. 401
  3. Canal Road
  4. Carling Avenue
  5. Steeles Ave.
  6. Cardwell Street
  7. Bancroft Drive
  8. Steeles
  9. Steeles Avenue
  10. Front Street
  11. Steeles Ave
  12. Bathurst Street
  13. Dufferin
  14. Kingston Road
  15. Bathurst St.
  16. Bradley Avenue
  17. Bathurst
  18. Dufferin St
  19. Gibb Street
  20. Princess Street
I think there is a problem with the form. Since the street name is a free text field, voters can enter any name. As a result, duplicate entries exist. For example, #1 #13, and #18 are refering to the same street "Dufferin". #5, #8, and #9 are refering to the same street "Steeles".

Anyway, what is worst than not fixing those roads with potholes and raised manhole covers??

Well, the government takes forever to fix the road causing traffic jams and accidents. For example, the government has been trying to fix the intersection of Leslie and Sheppard. Just a small part took them the whole summer. And, it is still not fixed yet. I drive by that intersection every other week during business hours, but I never see any workers working there. Lanes have been blocked off causing traffic jams. The new road lines are so confusing that I am surprise I haven't seen any car acident yet.

I guess the government needs to learn how to be efficient first!!

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