Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Trip to Elora and Fergus

The morning of July 2 was cool and cloudy.  I was kind of disappointed.
We had breakfast at the nearby Starbucks... I needed coffee... ;)

On our way to Elora, the weather became sunny...  It was wonderful!
Thanks God for giving us good weather for our trip! :D

First, we stopped by the Tourist Information in Elora getting the maps.
We walked around the Elora Downtown.  It's a beautiful small area.

Then, we went to Victoria Park.  Inside the park, there's Lover's Leap Trail and Lover's Leap overlook.
It is called Lover's Leap to commemorate a legendary Indian princess, said to have leapt to her death here after her beloved had been killed in battle.
The trail was very short.  Because of all the trees, I couldn't really tell which rock is the Lover's Leap.  I guess it didn't really matter. ;)

After that, we went to Bissell Park.There was a farmers market there.  When I was there, they are near the end.. a lot of stuff had been sold.  I just quickly looked around.  They had fruits, vegetables, honey, bread, socks, etc.  I did buy a bottle of cedarwood honey.  :)

We had lunch at Metcalfe Restaurant.  It was a very popular restaurant.  The patio was full.  We had to eat inside.  I ordered sweet potato fries.... yummy...  :9

After lunch, we went to Elora Gorge Conservation Area.  Tubing was all sold out.  We continued with our first choice of activities: hiking.  There are 3 trails in this conservation area.  The trails are short.  We hiked on all three of them. 

Then, we went to Elora Quarry Conservation Area. Lots of people were swimming there.  There were one crazy person jumping off the cliff.  I think he got into trouble since I saw a security guard walking toward him, but I didn't stay around to see.  The water was good for swimming but not clean enough for me to want to swim in it.  I wished I had a floating boat. :)

We've decided to go to Fergus, since it's very close to Elora.
First stop in Fergus, of course, is the tourist information.  It's a bigger office than the one in Elora.
We walked around the Fergus Downtown area.  It was like a semi deserted town. 30-40% of stores were closed and waiting to be sold.  It didn't look anything like the photos from tourist materials.  Those photos have tons of people on the streets.

Well, we decided to head back to Elora downtown since I wanted to eat ice-cream.  ;)
We went to Jenny's Place (one of the Elora Mews Shops) for ice-cream.
I had green tea ice-cream and mango sorbet.  The green tea ice-cream is different from the usual green tea ice-cream.   It had darker layers that had stronger tea taste with a slightly rougher texture.  Wen had watermelon sorbet and mango sorbet.  The watermelon sorbet is very interesting.  It has chocolate chips representing the watermelon seeds. :D

Click here for my photos on the trip.

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