Monday, July 25, 2011

Jell-O Mold Competition

The entries in the third annual Jell-O Mold Competition held recently in Brooklyn, NY, are pretty impressive.

Yummy yummy....  Big breakfast with everything made with jello....  I am sure that kids would love them...

Oooo....  Coffee!!!   In this case, I think I'll enjoy a cup of hot coffee more than a cup of jello coffee...  ;)

This work is called "Where do eggs come from?"...  The jello chicken is kind of scary...

"The Resistor Jeltone"...  From the photo, it didn't look that difficult to make... but this toy piano really works with keys in real gelatine.  :)

Jell-Obama...  I wonder how the judges felt when they were eating this one... Did they feel like Hannibal Lecter (from The Silence of the Lambs)?
Just a thought.. if you hate someone, you can actually make a jello sculpture of that person and eat it! :P

This one got first prize... However, I don't think it's very amazing...  I don't like worms...

They look like real bullets...  I wonder what will other people think if they see you eating bullets...   May be they will think that you are trying to commit suicide and will try to stop you...  :P

There are more interesting jellos at the web site...

Fine Dining Lovers

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