Sunday, March 5, 2006

Toronto Raptors beated Boston Celtics

I went down to Air Canada Centre to watch Toronto Raptors playing against Boston Celtics. This was my first time watching a live basketball game. It was fun!! :-D The atmosphere was great!!

Watching a basketball game live is a lot more exciting than watching a basketball game on TV... I think Raptors should pay me for being there... Because I was there, Raptors won!! hahahahahaha.... ;-)

Raptors ended their six-game losing streak with a 111-105 win over Celtics. Morris Peterson (#24) scored 27 points and Chris Bosh (#4) contributed 24 and 10 rebounds.

Go Raptors! Go Raptors!! Go Raptors!!!

The Raptor (mascot) was very cute and funny. It did a lot of tricks (e.g. walking up side down with its hands). Since tonight was an Oscar night, The Raptor's contributions to Oscar were shown during one of the timeout periods:

- Thelma & Louise... starring Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, and The Raptor... They drove the car off the cliff.

- Forrest Gump... starring Tom Hanks and The Raptor... The Raptor ran after Tom Hanks trying to catch up.

- Braveheart... starring Mel Gibson and The Raptor... The Raptor was one of the soldiers fighting along side with Mel Gibson.

- Titanic... starring Leonardo DiCaprio and The Raptor... Leonardo DiCaprio was in a room drawing a picture of The Raptor (instead of Kate Winslet).

I think the Titanic one is the best!! :D

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