Saturday, March 11, 2006

IQ博士 (80'TV復刻版)

Last night, I watched a couple of IQ博士 eposides. Even though IQ博士 eposides were released in the eighties, I didn't have the out-of-date feelings. The eposides were still very funny!!

IQ博士 used to be my favourite cartoon show when I was a kid. At that time, I even had a 小雲 and 小吉 closet in my room. ;-)

Eposide 36 was one of the funniest eposides. Inside that eposide, 小雲 and 小吉 were playing boxing in the house. This made 博士 very angry. In order to cheer him up, 小雲 gave 博士 a very large soft ice-cream cone. 博士 ate that and asked 小雲 how to make that soft ice-cream cone, so 小雲 showed everyone how it was made...

- cream
- milk
- 小吉

1. Let 小吉 eat the cream.

2. Let 小吉 eat the milk.
3. Put 小吉 in freezer until 小吉 is completely frozen.

4. Let the ice-cream out and put on top of a large cone.

5. Done!! :P

Would you like a large soft ice-cream cone?? :D


Anonymous said...

I can ask Shelby to make one to you.... it's chocolate favour wor.... warhahaha
Ta Ta

Ada said...

Since you like ice-cream more, I'll reserve the chocolate ice-cream cone for you... wahahahahaha....