Friday, April 20, 2007

Must have for all Star Wars fans!!

R2-D2 DVD Projector is a must have for all Star Wars fans!!! :)

Ok, Ok... This R2-D2 can only display 2D videos. It doesn't allow users to display 3D projections of Princess Leia yet. But I am sure that technology will be getting there soon... ;)

This R2-D2 (by Nikko Home Electronics) can project 2 meters of any digital materials. It lets you:
  • play DVDs and CDs using its own integrated player
  • connect external devices through video and audio ports (analog and digital)
  • project photos and videos directly from memory cards, USB-flashdrives and with the internal iPod dock
  • listen to stereo and surround sound through its integrated 20W speakers
It also has a Millennium Falcon remote, which allows you to control R2-D2. You can move R2-D2 forward, reverse, turn left, turn right, rotate its head, and tilt the legs to project videos to ceiling. Both R2-D2 and the Millenium Falcon remote have light and sound effects too.

Nikko Home Electronics also has another product: R2-D2 Skype Web Cam.
Personally, I am more interested in the DVD projector than this web cam.

R2-D2 Web Cam is Skype enabled, has an integrated webcam and is fully motorized and wireless so that it can be remote controlled. The lightsaber is both a Skype USB phone and a remote control of R2-D2. With the special, bundled computer program, it's possible to connect with R2-D2 from a second computer, wherever you are in the world! This program's interface let's you truly remote control and move R2-D2 around, save photos or movies of the webcam's footage anywhere in the world!

What's the price?
The R2-D2 DVD Projector will be selling for US $2500 and the R2-D2 Skype Web Cam will be selling for US $350. They will be available in June/August 2007.

Video of R2-D2 DVD Projector
Video of R2-D2 Web Cam

Nikko Home Electronics

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