Sunday, April 29, 2007


It seems that time always goes faster on Sunday. In the blink of an eye, it's already night time and I'll need to go to work tomorrow. I never have time to do all the things that I planned to do. Why??

You can argue that if I wake up early in the morning, then I have more time to do things. But it's SUNDAY! It's WEEKEND!!! I already have to wake up early on weekdays. Weekend is the only time that I can sleep-in! Nobody can take that away from me!!

Oh well... Here is what I did today...
Woke up... Went to Church... Ate lunch with friends... Re-permed my hair at hair salon (My hair was not curly enough, so I went to hair salon to fix that.)... Walked around in Chinese mall for a while to get DVDs and cookies... Went home for dinner... Washed dishes...

Soooo... I have to clean my bathroom at night... I don't like to do house work at night... but when can I find time?? Oh well... I guess I just have to keep cleaning... Soooo depressing!! Smiley courtesy of

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