Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Want One of Those

I like cute & interesting stuffs.
I usually don't buy them, but I like to look at them in stores.
Since Canadians are generally very practical... and boring... It is hard to find a store that sells interesting stuffs... (ok ok... I guess I shouldn't say that since I am a Canadian too...)
So... I surf the web for interesting stuffs...
Today, I found a site called "I Want One of Those". This site has lots of interesting products...
I wish there are stores like this in Canada.

Message Egg

Pop the can open, add water and within a matter of hours the egg will begin to crack as a bean plant begins to grow. This is pretty cool in itself, but not only will a bean plant grow out of the egg, the bean will have a message on it!
(price: Cdn $11)

Mood Beams

The cute little aliens' light will turn on by squishing their heads. They have a series of different light modes. There is a 'Beat Mode' that activates a sound sensor in the Mood Beam, and makes his light flash on and off to noise.
(price: Cdn $22)

Ouch Toothpick Holders
This seems to be in the same series as Dead Fred Pen Holder. This is great for pineapple, sausage, or cheese sticks. It's painfully funny too! Smiley courtesy of
(price: Cdn $16)

Ice Sculpture

When you invite family/friends over for dinner, have you ever wanted to have ice sculpture decorations?
With the ice sculpture mold, you can decorate your dishes with swan ice sculptures anytime.
(price: Cdn $29)

Ice Candle
This is an interesting candle holder!
You simply fill the base mould with water and pop it in the freezer overnight where it will transform into a perfect ice cylinder for tea light. Then, you'll have a moody light that over the next three hours will slowly melt (handily back into the base mould for re-freezing) creating drippingly cool glacial lighting effects.
(price: Cdn $56)

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