Monday, April 23, 2007

Totally Funky

I found an interesting UK site called Totally Funky that sells some weird stuffs.

First of all... It sells Control-A-Woman Remote and Control-A-Man Remote. (Price: £5.99 each)

Control-A-Man Remote is a remote control to make him do what you want! Control buttons include Tell Truth, Listen, Propose, Stop Snoring and Talk About Feelings.

Control-A-Woman Remote is a remote control to make her do what you want! Control buttons include Calm Down, Hurry Up, Stop Nagging and Give Me Beer.

Both remotes does not require batteries. They are powered by positive thinking. Also, their operating instructions are:
1. Point remote at subject
2. Push any button
3. Hope for the best

I think those remotes will be world's best sellers if they do work. All wifes and girlfriends will buy a Control-A-Man Remote. All husbands and boyfriends will buy a Control-A-Woman Remote. Hahahahahaha...
Unfortunately, since the remote does not require batteries, I think this might just be a piece of useless plastic. Not even a sound will come out from remote saying the commands (such as Stop Snoring, Listen, etc)

Second of all.... The site has a product called Nothing (Price: £4.99). The instructions for this product is:
1. open the pack
2. experience nothing
This is a nice gift idea!
I can give my friend an empty box and say this is a gift of Nothing. hee hee... I can save a lot of money each year...

The third product is kind of scary. Smiley courtesy of It is the Hanging Harry Light Pull (Price: £7.99)...

Hanging Harry bathroom light pull made from silicone rubber. You can't help Harry to see the light, it's too late. Harry is already dead! But Harry can help you to switch on your lights.

Imagine you go to bathroom in the middle of the night... and you see a dead Harry hanging there...
I definitely don't want this in my bathroom!

The last product is more normal... and cute too... Robocup (Price: £5.99) is a little plastic eggcup with spoon.

This little alien does spice up the enjoyment of eating boiled eggs!

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