Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've passed my PMP Exam!!

I've passed my PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam!!

After working very hard for 2.5 months... finally... yesterday was my exam day!!!
The exam was taken at Prometric Test Center (near Sherbourne subway station) and it was a scary experience.

Ok... The exam was scary... but more than that...

First... When I first arrived, the staff at the test center couldn't find my name in the sign-in/sign-out book. I had to show them my email confirmation to let them know that I was scheduled to take the exam at noon. Luckily, they found my name in the computer.

Then... It was the long exam... sitting in a small desk in front of a computer for 4 hours... 200 multiple choice questions with a lot of questions asking you for the BEST choice or the FIRST thing to do in a situation... I hated those questions... I took 2 breaks in between... The drink and snack that I brought with me definitely helped...

Finally... After the exam, I was supposed to know the result right away... However, my test computer didn't show me any result... The staffs also didn't see the result in their computer... They even rebooted the computers... At that time, I was really afraid that my test records were all lost and I had to take the 4 hour exam all over again... After spending 4 hours taking the exam, the thought of spending another 4 hours doing the same thing was very devastating... Luckily, a lady and her daughter came to visit the staffs... (I guess she also works at the test center but on a different shift.) She assured me that all test records won't be lost... After approx. 15-20 mins, my test records finally showed up in the staffs' computer... I PASSED!!!

I almost got a heart attack due to the excitements...

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