Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Police car chase

I have seen a lot of police car chase in movies or TV shows, but I haven't seen one in real life.

Yesterday, when I was driving to work, I heard police siren, so I stopped my car before the Steeles and Dixie intersection looking for the police car. Then, I saw a police car with siren on chasing a small white truck.

At first, I thought the truck was probably speeding and didn't notice that a police car was behind it. Ok... The police siren was loud... The truck driver should have heard it...
Then, I noticed something different:
  • The truck was going west on Steeles and turned north to Dixie on red traffic light.
  • The police car followed.
  • After police car went past the intersection, I continued to drive north on Dixie.
  • The truck, instead of pulling over to the side, was going left and right trying to get pass other cars. There were lots of cars since everyone was driving to work.
  • Then, the truck did an U-turn and drove south on Dixie.
  • The police car followed.
The truck driver definitely knew that the police car was chasing him/her.

I don't know what happened afterward. I just drove to work. The truck driver probably did something bad.

Oh well... It wasn't as exciting as movies, but it's a first time for me!

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