Thursday, October 4, 2007

Play-Doh Bunnies

Sony's latest Bravia TV commercial "Play-Doh" is finally out!!
It includes lots of Play-Doh Bunnies hopping through New York. Those bunnies are so cute!!
Ever since I read the news in August about Sony filming a new commercial with Play-Doh Bunnies, I've been waiting for the commercial to come out... And it's finally out!! :D

A team of 40 animators spent three weeks choreographing the models to produce the 90 secs commercial. 2.5 tons of plasticine were used. The bunnies effect and other effects (including the 200 square foot purple plasticine wave, the whale "swim" through the streets of Manhattan, etc) were done while New Yorkers went about their daily lives. It's amazing!!

You can watch the ad at Bravia web site:

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