Thursday, December 9, 2010

Useful Blackberry tips and tricks - Others

Free Up Memory by Clearing the Logs

In the Home Screen, hold down the ALT key and then type "LGLG".
To delete the logs, press the MENU key and then select "Clear Log".

This will help your blackberry to run faster.

"Help Me" Screen for Device, System Data

Help Me screen displays useful device and system information:
vendor ID, Platform version, App version, PIN, IMEI, Uptime, signal strength, battery level, free file space and total used space.

To pull up the Help Me screen, hold down ALT and SHIFT key together and press H.
To return to Home Screen, press ESCAPE or open the MENU and select Close.

Reboot Blackberry without taking out battery

Press ALT, RIGHT SHIFT (the right bottom one) and DEL together

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