Thursday, November 3, 2011

生炒糯米飯 (Pan-Fried Sticky Rice)

Last night was my first attempt to make 生炒糯米飯.
I'd made sticky rice before, but I'd not tried "生炒".

生炒糯米飯 means you pan-fried glutinous rice from raw rice.  You don't cook the rice in rice cooker first. 生炒糯米飯 will take a lot of time and energy.

I'd looked at different recipes on the web, combined them, and came up with the following recipe with a little secret to speed up the process.

生炒糯米飯 (for 2-3 people)

糯米(glutinous rice or sticky rice)       1碗
臘腸 (chinese sausage)  2條
冬菇 (dried mushroom) 3隻
蝦米(dried shrimp)           8  (I used the big dried shrimp and not the little one)
蛋 (egg)                            2

糖                                   1 tsp
老抽                               1 tbsp
蠔油                               1 tbsp

1) 浸糯米最少半天, 其間要換水。
2) 浸冬菇最少半天
3) 浸蝦米最少半天

1) 臘腸, 冬菇, 和蝦米切細粒
2) 浸冬姑的水和浸蝦米的水可以留用
3) 煲一大煲水,水滾後,把浸好的糯米倒入,不停攪拌。1分鐘後,撈起糯米,用清水沖洗,瀝乾水份備用。
4) 打蛋, 用易潔鑊煎蛋。煎好後切絲。
5) 炒臘腸, 冬菇, 和蝦米。 炒到聞到香味後, 即可撈起備用。
6) 之前炒臘腸已讓易潔鑊大部份的地方沾上油。 將糯米放入鑊炒。
7)  感覺到糯米水份已收乾時,加入浸冬菇/蝦米的水。 每次下1-2 湯匙,沿鑊邊下。要不停炒約5分鐘。
8) 放入臘腸, 冬菇, 蝦米, 和蛋絲。當所有配料拌勻後,加調味料。繼續炒。拌勻後即成。

My Review
The sticky rice was very good. :D
The rice made using this recipe was more sticky, more chewy, and less soft than the sticky rice made using rice cooker.
Comparing this to the restaurant/food court ones, this sticky rice was already better than a lot of them.
I find it still a bit soft compared to the one I ate at 味全茶餐廳.
Winter is coming.  I'll have plenty of time to experiment with this recipe to make the best 生炒糯米飯.  ;-)

Updated - Jan 1 2012
Since I put this recipe, I've tried making this sticky rice a few times and refined the recipe above:
   - step 3: change from 2 分鐘 to 1 分鐘 
   - step 7: change from 炒約9分鐘 to 炒約5分鐘

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