Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

I've watched the MI4 movie yesterday.  I really like it.  Part of the reasons could be Tom Cruise.... hahahaha...
I would give the movie 5/5.  ;)

Inside the movie, Tom Cruise was driving the BMW i8 concept car in Mumbai.
The car is really cool.  In the real world version, I don't think it'll have the wind shield touch screen feature.
According to 3D-Car-Shows, this car will be in the Detroit Car Show next year. :)

MI4 used a lot of Apple technologies too.
Check out this article:
How Much Does Mission Impossible 4′s Director Love Apple? Let Us Count The Ways

I've created 2 MI4 wallpaper for my iPhone 4.  I am using 1 for my main screen and 1 for my lock screen.

MI4 Wallpaper #1:

MI4 Wallpaper #2:

I used Dropbox to save the wallpapers in my iPhone.
iTunes or other software can also be used to copy to iPhone.
To get the wallpaper, just right click on the photo and select "Save Image As".
(Please don't repost them without linking back to this post!)

I have also created some MI4 wallpapers for iPad as well.... will post them later.

The MI4 ringtone can be downloaded from Zedge.

I am planning to turn my iPhone into a complete MI4 iPhone.... hahaha  :D

Here is the official trailer:

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