Thursday, October 8, 2009

Google Street View for Toronto

Google's street view for Toronto went live yesterday:

To see the images, just pull the human figure at the top of the Google Maps zoom bar onto the map and jiggle it up and down the street for the best view.

Google has blurred faces and licence plates on all the images... well... at least most of them...

I've found one where license plate is very clear:

Some photographs that bloggers and Twitter users flagged as humorous earlier today, including one showing a man helping a young child prepare to urinate under a tree, had been removed from Street View in the afternoon.

Here are some other funny images...

People don't welcome Google:

Some Google photo stitches are incorrect... This car has 6 wheels... :P

A fire burns inside a van on Robinglade Dr. :

There are many sites showing funny photos from Google Street View:
Google Street View Gallery

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