Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1st Anniversary

Sept 18 was our 1st year Wedding Anniversary. :)

Wen and I went to Kaji Japanese restaurant for our anniversary dinner.  We went to this restaurant before, but this time we were sitting at the sushi bar.  Actually, I like sitting in the sushi bar.  I could see the chef making sushi and sashimi.  :D   They made sushi creation look so easy.

I had the "Waza" tasting menu and Wen had the "Takumi" tasting menu.

For my Waza tasting menu, I've got...

Grilled black cod - This is good.

Chicken nanban and sea eel & cucumber rolled with egg sheet - This is ok...  It's more like Chinese than Japanese.

Simmered winter melon with duck and shrimp cake
This dish is beautiful.  They made the lily to look like sakura.

Grilled matsutake mushroom / hosho style - It's interesting that they used pine in this dish.  Pines were not just used as decorations.  Some pines were cooked with the food.

For Wen's tasting menu:
Sauteed scallop in pumpkin sauce

Simmered daikon and eggplant - I didn't try this one since it had eggplant in it.  Wen said it's spicy.

Grilled crab, tomatio & kuzu cake, and persimmon sunomono - This dish is good.  I like the persimmon sunomono.

Matsutake mushroom soup in tea pot - interesting way to drink soup...

 Lily bulb and sea urchin cake with crab sauce  - I like urchin.  ;)

Grilled shrimp and matsutake mushroom - This dish was beautiful... using maple leaves and pines as decorations...

We had some dishes that are the same for both tasting menu: sashimi and sushi & cold noodle.

For sashimi, we've got sea trout with fish eggs, lobster, cucumber & Japanese beans, bass, tuna, tuna salad with egg and potato, sesame salad.

For sushi, we had multiple dishes.

Cold noodle, urchin on top of rice, eel sushi - I love urchin.  Also, the eel sushi was good.  The one I had at Guu felt apart when I picked it up using chopsticks.  This one didn't fall apart.  It only felt apart after I bite it.  ;)  It was too big to put the whole piece in my mouth.

Lobster with apple sauce on rice, tuna on rice, eel on rice
Notice that the restaurant gave us a different soy sauce when eating sushi. It's darker with a stronger taste.

Last sushi dish... tuna sushi, white fish sushi (I forgot what the fish is), abalone sushi, toro (tuna belly) sushi, scallop sushi, and toro sushi again but the outside is cooked.  My favourite one is toro sushi.  It was very tasty and melt in my mouth.  However, I did felt a little bit of tendon in it.  I guess it wasn't the highest grade. ;)  In HK TV series, they always say that you don't feel tendon in highest grade toro.

For dessert, I had fruit jelly and green tea macaroon

Wen had peach and strawberry

Overall, this restaurant is very good.
For me, it was a bit too much food for me.  I was very very full at the end.
I love their sushi and sashmi... very fresh... very good... ;)

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