Thursday, September 22, 2011

My new favourite 出前一丁 favour

I don't eat 出前一丁 (Demae Itcho) a lot... may be a few times a  year...
My favourite 出前一丁 noodle favours used to be:
1) 麻油麵
2) 五香牛肉麵

Recently, I've purchased the new 黑蒜油豬骨湯味.  
I think it's the best.  It's now my #1 favour!  :)

Basically, Nissin has replaced the seasme oil (麻油) with black garlic oil (黑蒜油). 
The black garlic oil added to noodles smells good and is very tasty.  I guess I like strong taste in soup.  That's why I like this new favour more than the seasme oil favour. ;)

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