Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yesterday was Cornerstone Church's 晴天Picnic大旅行 at Morningside Park.
This was a big event at Cornerstone Church, because the last trip that involved the whole church was over 10 years ago.

People from every fellowship went to the picnic:
  • Hebron Senior Fellowship (希伯崙團)
  • Camel Family Fellowship (迦密團)
  • Zion Adult/Family Fellowship (錫安團)
  • Canaan Adult/Family Fellowship (迦南團)
  • Goshen Adult Fellowship (歌珊團)
  • Caleb/Joshun Student Fellowship (迦勒/約書亞團)
  • Solomon Adult English Fellowship
  • David/Samuel Youth English Fellowship
It was amazing!

We had 4 tents/shelters. Not only elderly people from Hebron Fellowship were hiding under the tent, some of the brothers and sisters from Goshen Fellowship were hiding from the sun too. :P

People were splitted up into 8 teams, so each team has people from different fellowships. We played several games before having lunch. The most memorable game was using bed sheet to throw water balloon up and let water balloon land back on the bed sheet. We had to do it 10 times in a roll. It's easy when you have less people, but it's very difficult when you had approx. 20 people and almost 1/2 of them were kids.

We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and watermelon for lunch.
To our surprise, 麥婆婆 made 2 big pots of tofu dessert (豆腐花). Have you ever eaten tofu dessert in a picnic? I haven't. ;-)

When I got my tofu dessert, they ran out of spoons. I had to creatively make a spoon using a plate. ;-) I suddenly realized how useful a spoon is, because it wasn't easy eating tofu dessert using a self-made spoon. Luckily, someone found a bag of spoons somewhere, so I got a spoon to finish the remaining of the dessert. ;-)

The picnic ended around 2pm.

I'll be uploading some photos. Please stay tune for the link to those photos.

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