Friday, August 21, 2009

Tornado in Toronto (August 20, 2009)

Yesterday was just like any other work day. I did notice the rain and the thunderstorm, but just like any other thunderstorm, I was not too worried. The only thing that worried me was the traffic jam going back home.

Due to the heavy rain, I waited until 6:30pm to leave office. Then, I realized this storm was not like the other storms. 680News kept reporting about Tornado warnings and Tornado touchdowns.

A tornado had been reported near Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre. In the meantime, Environment Canada had issued a tornado warning for Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Newmarket, Georgina. Tornado warnings were also in effect for Uxbridge, Beaverton, Northern Durham Region.

"Wow... Tornado?!
When was the last time we had tornados in Toronto areas? Never!
Oh well, I still have to drive home."

To avoid traffic, I took Hwy 407.
While driving, I could see tons of lightnings on both left and right hand side of the highway. The rain wasn't bad.
I didn't see anything that looked like a tornado.

While driving, I heard that there was another touchdown at Bayview and Elgin Mills.

"This is the first time hearing tornado touchdown at places so close to my area! It's scary, but... I am also excited. I've never seen a tornado in real life... only in TV and videos..."

Here is what I have noticed about this storm:
Lightning appeared very frequently.

For other storms, lightning usually happens randomly at different location. However, the lightning in this storm did occur repeatedly in the same locations. It's easy to catch lightnings in video.

I took this video at Warden and 14th:

Either the funnel clouds changed colours or I've drove past different areas of the funnel clouds.
The clouds were grey colour in most areas.
When I was driving down McCowan, the clouds turned greenish grey in colour.

I took this video at McCowan and Finch:

Here is a video capturing a tornado touchdown in Vaughan area. I found this on youtube:

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