Monday, August 31, 2009

劉德華 Andy Lau

Last Wednesday, the following article appeared in 港聞 (HK news) section, not 娛樂 (entertainment news) section... In the following days, a lot more articles related to the same subject also appeared in front page of HK newspapers.

(明報)2009年8月26日 星期三





Is this really important HK news?
I AM Andy's fan. I do want to know whether he is married or not, but we should respect him. If he wants to keep it a secret to protect his family, why not?

If you are Andy's fan, you should know that 朱麗倩 and Andy have been together for a long time. Whether they are married or not is their business.
Actors should have a private life too!

Andy is now being called by media as 「大話天王」.
Ok... He lied... He is married but still claims to be single... Does it matter?
If you like Andy, then you'll still like him no matter he is single or married.
If you like Andy, then you'll still like him no matter he has kids or not.

Media is saying that Andy is unfair to
朱麗倩 . How do they know it's unfair?
She is not complaining that it's unfair. May be she wanted it this way so she can avoid HK paparazzis.

The love relationship is between Andy and
朱麗倩... between two people...
It's not a relationship between Andy and
朱麗倩 and the whole world... Andy doesn't need to announce to the whole world if he is not ready.

I like Andy because of his attitude... because of his work... because of his movies... because of his singing... etc... etc.... not because he is single... and not because he is not married...

I'll always support him!! :D

Andy... All your fans will continue to support you!!!

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