Sunday, August 23, 2009

Workship - Rhythm of Life

Everything has a rhythm:
- light and dark
- moon phases
- seasons
- people ages

People's perception of the relationship between work and rest:
- increase work -> you need rest so you can do more work
- work has no meaning
- working is only for salary
- resting/playing is life's target

Today's World:
- living a 24/7 life
- have flexible work hours
- play anytime
- more and more people drink coffee due to lack of sleep
- mixing work and play
- Linus Torvalds describes work is a "serious hobby"
- As a result, work and rest lost balance

On the 7th day of creation, God rests.

"你豈不曾知道麼、你豈不曾聽見麼、永在的神耶和華、創造地極的主、並不疲乏、也不困倦.他的智慧無法測度。" 以賽亞書 Isaiah 40:28

- God rests not because of tiredness
- God wants to show "I take control"
- Christ's "rest" is not a "rest" from work, but in work, "not the rest of inactivity but of the harmonious working of all the faculties and affections, of will, heart, imagination, conscience, because each has found in God the ideal sphere for its satisfaction and development" (J. Patrick Hastings bible dictionary)

Rest is God's design.
- release us from the cruelty of work
- release us from work satisfaction -> turning into a workaholic
- release us from money -> earn more money to buy more luxury things

We are not work slave.

Rest from world's point of view:
- it's my right
- rest and vacation is my enjoyment
- want to use to fullness... Squeeze our time... Often more tired than work
- long weekend syndrome -> people are turning from workaholic to vacaholic

Rest from God's point of view:
- it's God's gift
- rest is day off with god but not day off from god
- "不要效法這個世界.只要心意更新而變化、叫你們察驗何為神的善良、純全可喜悅的旨意。" 羅馬書 Romans 12:2
- Eugene H. Peterson has said, "if you cannot afford to take one day a week for rest, you are taking yourself too seriously."
- "所以我告訴你們、不要為生命憂慮、吃甚麼、喝甚麼.為身體憂慮穿甚麼.生命不勝於飲食麼、身體不勝於衣裳麼。你們看那天上的飛鳥、也不種、也不收、也不積蓄在倉裏、你們的天父尚且養活他.你們不比飛鳥貴重得多麼。你們那一個能用思慮、使壽數多加一刻呢。何必為衣裳憂慮呢.你想野地裏的百合花、怎麼長起來、他也不勞苦、也不紡線. 然而我告訴你們、就是所羅門極榮華的時候、他所穿戴的、還不如這花一朵呢。你們這小信的人哪、野地裏的草、今天還在、明天就丟在爐裏、 神還給他這樣的妝飾、何況你們呢。" 馬太福音 Matthew 6:25-30
- we need a break to come before god

Keeping sabbath and being kept by sabbath
1) everyday sabbath (安息)
- breaks
- sleep is also serving God -> Ministry of rest
"你們清早起來,很晚才歇息,吃勞碌得來的飯,都是徒然;因為主必使他所愛的安睡。" 詩篇 Psalms 127:2
- serenity (寧靜)

2) weekly sabbath (安息)
- aware god's presence

3) ultimate sabbath (安息)
- new heaven and earth

Life as a cycle of work and renewal!

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