Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grandma still in hospital

I was posting my grandma's situation in my wedding blog.
Since the wedding is now over, I have more time now.  ;)
My wedding related things will be posted on my wedding blog.
Other things will be posted back in my own blog.

Thanks for all your prayers!
My grandma's condition is a bit better.
Even though she is still not stable yet, but she seems to be more alert.
Doctors cannot use blood thinner on her yet. :(  But they said the blood spot in her brain is around 2-2.5cm now... smaller than before...
She was eating jello & mike shake like food for 2 days, but she had to move back to tube feeding based on the speech specialist's assessment.
She has problem sleeping in the past few days...   She can only fall asleep for 5-10 mins most of the time...   May be it's because she cannot move her body...
Please continue to pray for her health!

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