Tuesday, November 16, 2010


清明上河圖是中國十大名畫之一...屬一級國寶... 是北宋張擇端的作品... 描繪了北宋故都汴京的景色...

English name for 清明上河圖 is "Along the River during Ching-ming festival".
Now a day... People use different technologies to convert this painting into animation...

China animated the painting and showed it in Shanghai World Expo.

Taiwan also did something similar on their website:

Some people would argue that animation is not as good and beautiful as the original painting.  But who cares....
I am not an artistic person.  I won't spend lots of time studying a painting.  
Personally, I like the Taiwanese animated version.  It's cute.  It keeps me interested.

I guess this is the problem with modern age.  Everyone wants everything fast... moving... and exciting....  ;)


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