Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nice Photo Accessories

I came across a photo gear site today: Photojojo
It has some pretty nice stuff.  :)

A tiny replica of the Leica M3

It's a workable digital camera... nice!

The Wide Angle & Macro Lens Adapter

Interesting... Not sure how well it'll work...
I wonder whether it's worth buying?

Mini Model Camera - A 1/6 scale model camera with 3 detachable lenses.

They are soooo cute! 
I probably would buy them if they are not expensive.

4GB Camera USB Drive

It's more for display... Too big for any real use...


Personally, I don't like this version of monopoly...
Since each "place" in the game in a photo, why would I want to buy a person or a moment in life?

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