Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Guu SakaBar

Overall Rating: 4/5

Guu has opened a 2nd restaurant on Bloor.
When I was there, there were so many people there and people just kept coming in.

Guu is a Japanese Bar, but I don't see a lot of people drinking and I do see kids.  I guess it's because of the time.  I went there during dinner time.  If I go there on Sat night, it's most likely that most people will be drinking.

Guu sells Japanese Tapas and most of them you won't find in other Japanese restaurant. 

Here were the food that I had tried:

- Oshi Zushi (torched marinated mackerel pressed sushi)
     -- It's hard to find pressed sushi in Toronto.  This might be the only place left.  In terms of the sushi, it's ok but not excellent. The rice and the fish felt apart when I picked up the sushi using chopsticks.

- Salmon Natto Yukke (chopped salmon sashimi w/ 5 friends wrap in seaweed)
     -- This was very good.  We first mixed the salmon sashimi with Natto (fermented soybeans), shibazuke (purple pickles), wonton chips, green onion, and raw quail egg.  Then, we wrapped the mixture in seaweed.  

- Temari Zushi (torched salmon, cream cheese sushi balls)
     -- Good sushi... I guess it's the closest I'll get to sushi balls in Toronto.  I won't be able to find the sushi balls in tvb series 魚躍在花見.

- Assorted oden (taro jelly, puffed fish cake, deep fried tofu, fish cake, daikon radish, egg)
     -- The puffed fish cake is interesting... kind of like tofu...
     -- You can find similar dish in other Japanese restaurants/stores.

- Assorted Kushi Age (deep fried kebab: ham, bacon, quail egg, lotus root, potato)
     -- The bacon kebab was good.  It's not too oily.
     -- You can find similar dish in other Japanese restaurants/stores as well. 

- Okonomiyaki (deep fried pancake with yakisoba noodles)
     -- Good pancake!  I was actually expecting the noodles to be inside the pancake.

- Buta-don (BBQ pork on rice)
   -- The rice had a mustard mayo sauce.  It made the rice not too heavy and made me want to eat more.

- Gindara (miso marinated black cod)
     -- You can find this dish in other Japanese restaurants/stores.  May be I can make this dish at home.  ;)

- Hiza-nan (Deep fried chicken knee)
     -- You'll sometimes find this dish in Chinese congee/noodle restaurants.

- Sake tiramisu
     -- Lots of Sake taste but not enough coffee taste.  It's still very good.

- Green tea cheese cake 
    -- Good cake... very green tea but it's not green in colour...  There were some tea leaves inside the cake.  Guu probably used green tea leaves instead of powder to make the cake.

Photos of the food

Guu SakaBar
555 Bloor St. West, Toronto, Ontario

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