Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: Kyu Shou Japanese Noodle House (九州生拉麵)

Overall Rating: 2/5

As time goes by, a restaurant evolves... for better or worst. 
For Kyu Shou, I had decided to give it one more try after I had a bad experience several months ago.  Why one more try?  Well, this restaurant used to be my favorite ramen place to go.

The service is still not as good compared to when it was first opened.  Now, customers are getting similar to fast food place type of service.  Menu has changed drastically... more focus on bento and Korean dish.  It is so sad to see that the restaurant has lost its own image of an authentic ramen place and has turned into a typical Japanese / Korean restaurant.  It used to have different types of ramen, but now it only kept the pork bone soup ramen.

I had ordered Pork Cartilage Ramen (豬軟骨拉麵) and Wen ordered KyuShou Ramen (九州拉麵).

When the ramen arrived, I was shocked to see my pork cartilage ramen (豬軟骨拉麵) had turned into a Korean/Chinese dish.  The pork cartilage was held separately from the ramen bowl.  The pork cartilage was cooked in some soya sauce with green onion and had bones in it. It was over cooked and too salty. The pork cartilage completely didn't match the pork bone soup ramen.  As for the ramen, the soup and noodle are ok. But you could not tell that it had any Japanese feel. The half egg on top was still cold from fridge. I remembered that the egg used to be soft-boiled (溏心) egg, not hard-boiled egg.   The Japanese BBQ Pork (日式叉燒) in Wen's ramen was just thin pieces of pork. They were definitely not Japanese BBQ Pork.

The food gave me the feeling that the chef did not know what is Japanese ramen... Not to mention a good Japanese ramen.

If you want food court Japanese food, this would be the place to go.
If you are looking for something with quality, you'll have better luck finding elsewhere.

I guess this restaurant would better position itself as a cheap fast food type Japanese restaurant.  This way, at least I would have no expectations when eating there.

Overall Rating: 2/5

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