Monday, April 3, 2006

Another Athens Pastries store...

After knowing that there is an Athens Pastries store in my neighbourhood, I was very eager to go and I had the perfect opportunity last Friday. Since I had to attend a meeting at 2550 Victoria Park after lunch, I decided to have lunch at Athens.

Athens Pastries
2567 Victoria Park Avenue,
Scarborough, ON M1T 1A4
Tel. : 416-491-0095

This Athens store looked exactly like the one downtown.

I wanted to try something that I had not try before in the downtown store: minced meat philo pastry and Galakto Bouriko. Unfortunately, the minced meat philo pastry was out and I didn't have time to wait. So, I ordered Spanakopita (flaky philo pastry stuffed with a thin layer of Spinach and Feta Cheese) and Galakto Bouriko (thick slices of custard sandwiched between thin layers of philo pastry).

Well, the portion of spanakopita in this store was smaller than the downtown store by 1/5 (I think). The philo pastry was not as fresh and flaky. I guess more people visit the downtown store, so the pastries in that store are better as the turnover is faster. Anyway, the pastry was still good.

The galakto bouriko was very delicious. Between thin layers of philo pastry, there was a thick layer of custard and honey. This pastry was like a mixture of loukoumades (honey drenched little balls of fried dough) and bougatsa (flaky philo pastry stuffed with a thin layer of custard). Every bite was filled with honey, custard, and flaky philo pastry. :-9

Next time, I might buy those ready-made frozen philo pastries and bake them at home. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ada,
你個 blog 幾時變咗 "飲食男女" ??Warhaha..
打幾耐Squash 呢?? hehe...
不過你要快啲好番.. 我地先至可以一齊出嚟食嘢嘛... Right?
Hope you will get well soon...
Pray for you... (^^)