Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dangerous vegetables from China!!

The latest deadly food from China is vegetables!! 農藥蔬菜!!


What's wrong with the Business people in China? Don't they have respect for life? It seems to me that they only care about money, money, and more money. They don't care whether the food will kill people or not... It's like Chineses killing Chineses.... :'(

As a Chinese, I really feel sad and angry...

China already has a long history of deadly food prior to the dangerous farm chemical vegetables:
- purple dye yam
- fake eggs
- fake power milk for babies
- thousand year moon cake (moon cake made with old lotus paste)
- soy sauce made with hair
- snacks that use oil from sewage
- 孔雀石綠淡水魚
- 冒牌午餐肉罐頭
- etc.

The list is soooooo long that I don't remember all....

When can we see an end to this?? :(


Anonymous said...

他們為了錢 ,可以唔講良心的!


B of C said...



Ada said...

唉... 真為中國人的前途擔心...