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台灣食品添加物「起雲劑」含有懷疑致癌塑化劑. 台灣當局下令大規模回收高風險飲料.
Taiwan authorities ordered a massive recall of high-risk beverage and food products suspected of being tainted with DEHP, or di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate.

塑化劑 = DEHP (Di-Ethyl Hexyl Phthalate)

What is DEHP?


DEHP, one of six phthalates and part of a family of chemicals known to cause reproductive harm and considered a possible human carcinogen, is banned in children’s toys in Canada and elsewhere.
It is also strictly prohibited to use the plasticizer in food and beverages, but Taiwan authorities suspect at least one food manufacturer added the banned industrial plasticizer to an emulsifier as a cheap substitute for the more expensive palm oil.

Impacted Food Categories:
fruit juices, sports drinks, tea beverages, fruit jams and preserves, food powders, syrup,  jams, and food or food supplement tablets.

What happen in Canada?

I don't know about other places... but both Toronto and Vancouver have a lot of Taiwan imported drinks.

On Saturday (May 28), the CFIA issued an “individual recall” on six fruit juices and jams under the brand names Possmei and Trojan, which had been distributed by the Kuo Hua Trading Company Ltd. to retail outlets, hotels and restaurants in British Columbia.

I haven't seen any recalls in Toronto yet.

Studies have found that 90% of HK people already have this DEHP toxic in their blood.   Scary!
I wonder whether I have this in my blood or not...  :(

That following food had been tested with DEHP and you should avoid:
  • 台式飲料店「日出茶太」的百香果汁 (Taiwanese bubble tea store 「日出茶太」's passion fruit juice)
  • 台灣盛香珍生產的35克蘆薈小果凍、25克芋頭小果凍及35克蘋果小果凍 (Aloe Vera Flavor Fruit Jelly, Taro Fruit Jelly, and Apple Fruit Jelly from Triko Foods Co. Ltd.)
  • 白蘭氏「超能金剛成長鈣片」 (Brand's Alpha Tank Chewable Tablets)
  • 動力運動飲料,及動力運動飲品檸檬味 (TaiwanYes Sport Drinks)
  • 動能1000運動飲料
  • 悅氏柳橙汁12%
  • SunKist粒粒檸檬果汁飲 (SunKist Lemon Juice with pulps)
  • 兒童藥水 (Children medicine syrup from Taiwan) 
  • 芒果汁  (Mango Juice), 荔枝汁 (Lychee Juice), 楊桃汁 (StarFruit Juice)
  • 統一蘆筍汁 (Uni-President Asparagus Juice)
  • 百香綠茶 (Passion Fruit green tea)
  • many more...
From the Taiwan Department of Health, you can get a list of affected food.
Here is the direct link:
List of products with cloudy agents contaminated by plasticizer ( date05.31.2011)
Chinese searchable version of the list

There is also a facebook page on this topic.

[Last updated: June 3, 2011]

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