Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Trip to Prince Edward County

May 21, 2011 is a beautiful day to go on a day trip...
After approx. 2 hr of driving, we arrived at the tourism office in Picton. 

First Stop - Main St., Picton
We walked around Main St... saw the Regent Theatre, the Shine Hall, the Crystal Palace, and the Picton Harbour.  There were some nice houses in that area.

Second Stop - Bird House City
I heard a lot of birds singing, but I hardly saw any birds.  I guess all the birds are hiding in the bird houses.  The Bird House City is not very well maintained.  A lot of posts are missing bird houses. 
I did discover a McDonald for birds... hahahaha... :D   It's probably selling MacWorms... worms burgers... hahahaha....

Third Stop - Glenora Ferry
It's basically a part of the Loyalist Parkway. The ferry will take cars across the Picton Bay. According to the guy at tourism office, the ride is approx. 7 mins. Since there was a line up of cars and ferry frequency is every 30 mins, we decided not to go.

Fourth Stop - Lake on the Mountain
This is exactly what the name implies... A lake up on the mountain...
I think this is the most beautiful place in Prince Edward County.
There is a restaurant there.  If I go to Prince Edward County again, I would try this restaurant since it has nice view.

Fifth Stop - Millennium Lookout
We could see the whole town and Picton Bay from this location.
This place is not very well maintained. It could be skipped if someone is planning for a visit.

Sixth Stop - Sandbanks Provincial Park
The map that we got is kind of confusing.  Overall, it's a nice Provincial Park.  I think it'll be better in the summer time when there are more greens and more flowers.
We went to Cedar Sands Nature Trail first... lots of leaves-less branches on the way.  The trail was kind of brown in colour.
Then, we went to Dunes Beach and Dunes Nature Trail.  This trail was more difficult to walk than the Cedar Sands Trail because a lot of the trail areas were sands.  This trail was kind of grey in colour. We saw the sand dunes.
Since this provincial park is called Sandbanks Provincial Park, we have to visit Sandbanks Beach.  The beach is nice, but the water seemed dirty.  I guess Lake Ontario is polluted.  Comparing to Dunes Beach, I would rather swim there even though the water is not that clean. 

Seventh Stop - Huff Estates Winery & Inn
Two wine tasting for $1.
I ended up trying 4 wines.
Their red wines are more acidic.  It's good but not really my taste.
I did buy a bottle of first frost.  It's a fruity and playful wine.  ;)

After a long day, we decided to head home...

Click here for my photos on the day trip.

Map of Prince Edward County

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Dave said...

There is even a county fair named after the novel where you can sip raspberry cordial and take in all the country wonders of the area. A vacation here would not be complete without getting a feel of Anne's era.

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