Tuesday, February 28, 2006

new Canon Digital Cameras

Canon has announced a couple of new cameras....

PowerShot SD600 and SD630 Digital ELPH :
- 6-megapixel
- 3x optical zoom (same as before)
- 2.5-inch on the SD600 and 3.0-inch on the SD630 (which is also the first IXUS without an optical viewfinder)
- SD600 will be available in March for approx. US $349.99
- SD630 will be available in April for approx. US of $399.99
>> no big differences from my SD400.... not interested...


PowerShot SD700 IS Digital ELPH:
- 6-megapixel
- featuring Canon's optical Image Stabilizer (This is the first ever ultra-compact from Canon with built-in image stabilization!!!)
- 4x optical zoom (1x more optical zoom)
- 2.5-inch LCD
- will be available in April for approx. US $499.99
>> very interesting... I like the optical image stabilizer feature!! I want to see the real thing when it comes out in April.... ;)


PowerShot S3 IS:
- 6-megapixel
- 12x optical zoom
- 2.0-inch Vari-angle LCD
- optical Image Stabilizer
- will be available in May for approx. US $499.99.
>> If I have to choose between SD700 and S3.... I think I'll go for S3 since I already have a small camera....I like the 12x optical zoom... the vari-angle LCD.... the optical image stabilizer feature.... Is this one is a D-SLR?? I guess I need to do some more research when it comes out... hee hee...


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