Monday, February 13, 2006

Yesterday was Mom's Birthday!!

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday. This year, she didn't invite all relatives and host a big party as usual. There are just 5 of us: Mom, Uncle, Grandpa, Grandma, Me :)

I brought Mom a heart-shaped chestnut cake, a birthday card, and a leather coat for birthday present.

After church, I went to pick up the birthday cake and drove Grandpa & Grandma to our house. Then, we played majong and cut cake. The chestnut cake was pretty good. It was covered with a bit too much cream, but this is normal for chinese cakes. Then, I gave Mom the birthday present + card. She was surprised to receive such a big present (the leather coat box was huge!).

After she found out that her present was a leather coat, she was very happy and immediately put it on. The leather coat's size was XS. It was a bit tight around the hip area. Guess what? I was well prepared. I actually brought 2 leather jackets for her: one XS and one S!! I ran upstairs to get the other leather coat. The size S leather coat fitted better. Hahahahaha... Mom wore the same leather jacket coat size as me!! Hahahahahaha...

At night, we went to 百 福 restaurant for dinner. We specially ordered " 鳳 吞 翅" soup. Shark fins were stuffed inside a small chicken. Then, that small chicken was stewed in soup along with chinese smoked ham and fish belly. When the waiter served us the soup, I can see a lot of shark fins. :D

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