Thursday, February 16, 2006

TR-069 CPE Wan Management Protocol

I have a relaxing day at work. I am just doing some research on TR-069 CPE Wan Management Protocol, which is intended for communication between a CPE and Auto-Configuration Server (ACS).
The CPE WAN Management Protocol is intended to support a variety of functionalities to manage a collection of CPE, including the following primary capabilities:
- Auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning
The provisioning mechanism allows CPE provisioning at the time of initial connection to the broadband access network, and the ability to re-provision at any subsequent time. This includes support for asynchronous ACS-initiated re-provisioning of a CPE.

- Software/firmware image management
The CPE WAN Management Protocol provides tools to manage downloading of CPE software/firmware image files. The protocol provides mechanisms for version identification, file download initiation (ACS initiated downloads and optional CPE initiated downloads), and notification of the ACS of the success or failure of a file download.

- Status and performance monitoring
- Diagnostics
The RPC Method Specification defines a generic mechanism by which
- an ACS can read or write Parameters to configure a CPE and monitor CPE status and statistics.
- to facilitate file downloads or (optionally) uploads for a variety of purposes, such as firmware upgrades or vendor-specific configuration files.
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Anonymous said...

Yes this is very interesting topic. I have been studing this for couple of weeks and i found it very important for the future IT life. Moreover, my company (SPIDCOM) wants to incorporate this TR-069 protocol into their product -224mb/s power line modem. Do you possible know where I can find any source code condsidering this issue? Any clues about software part?


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how to transfers file by http(TR069:upload,download)?
thank you very much!


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