Thursday, September 27, 2007

Animal Sales Street

World's first "Animal Sales Street" (動物售貨一條街) just opened in Shenzhen Safari Park (深圳野生樂園), China, on September 25.

Inside this street, you'll see a lot of animal sales: parrot the cashier, elephant the fruit seller, bear the security, monkey the bartender, etc.

If a customer wants to buy gift at the birds gift store, a smart cashier parrot will follow trainer's instructions to fly over to the customer, collect money from the customer's hand, and fly back to the gift store. Then, another delivery parrot will deliver the gift to the customer's hand.

There is also a bear in security suits and caps protecting customers. It carries baton and walkie-talkie.

This place is very interesting! But Shenzhen is too far... Why can't we have something similar in Metro Zoo??

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